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FRIB Silicon Arrays workgroup (SA-WG)

Scope of the workgroup:

Silicon detector technology is a key aspect of current Rare Isotope Beam science and silicon detector arrays will be critical to many of the science programs at FRIB.  The SA-WG is focused on significantly advancing the fundamental characteristics of silicon technology as well as developing arrays for specific purposes at FRIB.  As silicon arrays are often no longer stand alone devices, it is essential that the SA-WG coordinate with other FRIB workgroups in order to achieve optimal design and integration of specific silicon detector arrays.


WELCOME to FRIB Silicon Arrays workgroup

NSAC 2007 Long Range Plan Recommendation:

We recommend construction of the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB), a world-leading facility for the study of nuclear structure, reactions, and astrophysics. Experiments with the new isotopes produced at FRIB will lead to a comprehensive description of nuclei, elucidate the origin of the elements in the cosmos, provide an understanding of matter in the crust of neutron stars, and establish the scientific foundation for innovative applications of nuclear science to society