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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AnalogSignalChange gain, polarity, and baseline
BaselineSet baseline parameters
CFDChange cfd parameters
CsraChange bit sets for the channel
DetectorControls boot, sync, and runs
EnergyFilterChange energy filter values decimation, flattop and risetime
ExpertModChange some module level parameters
ExtTrigChange parameters associated with external trigger
FitTauAttempt to auto detect tau, unused
HistogramChange emin and binning factor for histograms
lockLock function, obsolete
MainMain nscope program
MaxEventChange maximum number of events in module
ModCsrbChange module csrb values
PopupPopup window to display nscope information
PulseShapeChange pulse shape parameters
ScopedTChange time bin for the nscope display
TablePopup window for channel inputs
TauChange tau
TriggerFilterChange trigger filter parameters
TriggerFilterOrChange trigger or parameters
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